Nelson (from Uganda)

I am from Uganda. I lived there for my first ten years. I have also lived in the Congo. I want to be a musician or a soccer player. My friends and I listen to music and see if there is a dance that goes with it. I would like it if no one was homeless. I would help people so they wouldn’t go to jail. I think about keeping people safe. My happiest moment since moving to Utah was playing in the snow. When I get sad, I take a deep breath, go to sleep, or do something I like to do like to go with my friends and play basketball.

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Puran (from Nepal)

I am from Ihapa Damak, Nepal. Nepal felt like home because I was born there and had my friends there. Now I have friends in the US. My family and friends help me be strong. I sometimes dream about my future. I hope to be a robot engineer. I want to make robots that can help other people. I could make a robot leg for someone who needs it.

Henson (from Utah)

I live in Utah. I want to be a scientist, or an archaeologist, or an architect when I grow up. I hope one day to make money and support my family. My favorite hobby is sewing. I wish there was more peace in the world. If I could change one thing, I would change the way people think about other people. If someone doesn’t like someone, they should like him.

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Nour (from Syria)

I am from Damascus, Syria. My original language is Arabic. Before the war, Syria was really safe, and we did a lot of stuff with our culture. We had tourists. It was good living there. I lived in Syria during the wars from 2011-2014. We went to Lebanon for interviews with the UN, who helped us find a new place to live. We learned we would be coming to the United States. Back in my country, I was really shy. I am learning to be independent.



In this video Emme Liddell a Vice Principal at Taylorsville High school explains the impact this program can have on the students who will participate. Don’t take our word for it on the power, listen as she shares her perspective!

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